Investment and Property Management Reimagined

Unified Real Estate Platform Powered by Web 3.0 Technologies

ManageLife is a next-generation real estate investment platform that aims to revolutionize the single-family home market through a proprietary NFT marketplace and asset management platform. Our uniqueness stems from our proprietary blockchain protocol and marketplace application for owning, managing, and monetizing single-family homes at scale.

Why the Real Estate Industry is in need of a Technological Remodel


Real estate investment is one of the most popular ways to invest money. However, it has high illiquidity, making it difficult to sell or convert into cash when investors need fast access to capital. Moreover, commissions, fees, taxes, and economic downturns can eat into profits, and the time it takes to sell a property.

Resource Intensive

Restrictive regulations weigh down the real estate industry. Antiquated methods of operation and multiple intermediaries too often slow down the process. This sector is ripe with potential yet largely untapped due to the complexity and bureaucracy involved in the sales and acquisition process.





Maintenance & Reporting

Property maintenance and repair are critical aspects of real estate management, not to mention the financial and tax reporting for local and federal taxes. Our platform was built to handle all these issues, making investing in property more accessible than ever.

Benefits to Investors

ManageLife is a blockchain-based platform that aims to revolutionize the rental and property investment markets. Our platform reduces transaction costs, improves transparency, and efficiently manages properties for both landlords and renters alike. Additionally, we create stability for renters through our self-sustaining ecosystem, making it easier than ever to find an ideal rental property, invest in real estate and maintain the property and renter relationship.



From single assets to entire portfolios, we can tokenize and manage your real estate investments.


Our technology creates efficient and transparent workflows from property selection to tokenization and maintenance.

Payment Options

We can accept or pay out payments in crypto or a currency of choice.


Our native tokens are built on the Ethereum blockchain and are secured and re-issuable if the need arises.


Because we accept crypto and fiat transfers, investors and properties can eventually be located anywhere in the world.


Property Management

We handle everything from tenant relations, retention, and marketing, to maintenance and repair.

How Our Platform Works


Property Selection

ManageLife NFT investors can select a property from our marketplace or submit their own properties that can be put on the blockchain. Our real estate experts can also help you in the home selection process.

Property Management

From qualifying tenants to handling service requests, reporting, and payments, we assist your tenant and provide technology-first solutions to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve outcomes while safeguarding your investment and rental income.

NFTi Creation

NFTi are a digital representation of proof of investment, verifiable and immutable over the blockchain ledger. We will take a property and create a digital representation of it as an NFT.

Payments and Rewards

Our platform will manage rent, service payments, taxes, and reporting. We will issue rewards for on-time payments to renters created from staking the property. Rewards will be paid in Life Tokens, which can be exchanged for USD or cash equivalents.

Benefits to Renters

ManageLife offers an extensive package of benefits that will improve your life in many ways.


Flexible Housing

ManageLife provides the renter the ability to move within our network of homes based on their need to upsize, downsize, or move into a choice neighborhood.


On-Demand Service Technicians

Our nationwide network of technicians supports you in managing your home, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. 


Earn currency that can be conserved like a savings account or spent on everyday purchases to help lower costs

Dedicated Mobile App

The ManageLife App is the single source for your Home, Auto, Family, Pet and shopping needs. Every home is digitally mapped, inventoried and manages Service Requests from start to finish.

About ManageLife

ManageLife is reinventing how people experience buying and owning a home. Through an innovative approach to home buying, coupled with our home services, we make living in a home both attainable and affordable to families.

Using NFT and Blockchain technology, ManageLife takes new and innovative features of a decentralized protocol, to create a more efficient and frictionless real estate experience where our members can earn a native token that can be conserved like a savings account or spent on everyday purchases to help lower costs.


Our Team

Mission:  To utilize NFT and blockchain technology to pioneer a frictionless and more efficient transactional experience.

Vision:  An autonomous ecosystem where every person can invest in real estate anywhere in the world.


Jake Goodman

Founder and CEO


Jake Goodman is a highly educated and talented finance professional with a strong passion for technology and innovation. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Texas A&M University, before going on to earn his Master’s in Finance from Harvard University. Jake has been an advocate for cryptocurrency since 2016 and is known for his deep understanding of the industry and its potential for shaping the future of finance.

Sean Meehan

VP of Operations & Co-Founder

Sean Meehan is a highly skilled and motivated business professional with a strong background in both sports and finance. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the University of Texas at San Antonio, where he also served as the team captain of the college golf team. After a successful year competing on the PGA Tour Canada, Meehan decided to focus on furthering his education in monetary policy and finance, leading him to the world of cryptocurrency in 2020.

Jake Judkins

VP of Sales & Co-Founder

Jake Judkins is a driven and experienced business professional with a diverse background in sports, entrepreneurship, and finance. He has worked on a variety of projects, including running the National AAU basketball tournament held annually in San Antonio, Texas and founding his own start-up. Jake is also an avid investor and has been involved in the cryptocurrency industry since 2016.

Built On

*ManageLife takes new and innovative features of a decentralized protocol, to create a more efficient and frictionless real estate experience.
* Life Tokens are an ERC-20 token that resides and operates on the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, Life is a token not a coin, because it does not operate on its own blockchain.
* All smart contracts are written in Solidity and EVM, and are compatible (Ethereum Virtual Machine) so they are easily transferable between blockchains on the Ethereum network.


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